Volunteers are the backbone of K-9 Angels Rescue.

Actually, volunteers are everything!  We are 100% volunteer-run...
that's right, no one is compensated one bit.  Volunteering at K-9 Angels is a great opportunity to give back to your community, exercise, meet new friends and, of course, help the dogs!

Weekend Adoption Center Volunteers
We need YOUR help to cram all the possible puppy love and fun into the times we open our Adoption Center doors to the public
In other words, you will walk dogs, greet the public, and help people find their perfect match by creating a smooth and enjoyable adoption experience.  Volunteers must be 16 years old*.

Start volunteering today!
Complete the Online Volunteer Registration.
You will receive an e-mail from the K-9 Angels Welcome Team within a week.  Reply to the e-mail to set up an orientation date.
Attend orientation to learn about K-9 Angels Rescue and the tasks you will perform as a volunteer.  You will sign a release and you may buy a
K-9 Angels t-shirt.  *A parent’s or guardian’s signature is required for 16-17 year old volunteers.  After you attend orientation, you are welcome to signup for volunteer shifts.

Sign up for a shift
All volunteer time must be scheduled; walk-ins cannot be accommodated.  You may sign up for a shift by either e-mailing
or, as a Newsletter subscriber, by responding to the weekly newsletter.  All volunteered time is welcomed and appreciated!
If you need to leave early or come late, it's okay - we just need to know.  If you commit to a shift, we are counting on you.  Please arrive on time and stay for the entire shift, unless you have notified our Volunteer Coordinator ahead (or at the last minute if something comes up). 
All volunteers must wear their personalized nametags when the adoption center is open to the public... and you will be provided with a personalized nametag at orientation.  Disposable nametags are available if you do not have a personalized nametag.  If you would like one, e-mail our Volunteer Coordinator.
Wear your K-9 Angels Rescue t-shirt, appropriate clothes, and comfortable shoes.  Consider long pants when bugs get pesky!

Shift descriptions at the Weekend Adoption Center
9a-12p - The adoption center is set up for fosters to arrive until 10am when we open to the public
12p-3p - The adoption center is open to the public
3p-6p - The adoption center is open to the public; fosters arrive to take dogs home for the evening; dogs spending the night are fed and walked before the adoption center closes at 6pm
8p-9:30p - The adoption center is closed to the public.  Dogs spending the night are walked; the center is cleaned and made ready for the Sunday opening shift.

7:30a-10a - The center is closed to the public.  Dogs that over-nighted at the adoption center are walked before and after breakfast.
The center is made ready to open to the public at 11am.
11a-2p - The adoption center is open to the public
2p-5p - The center is open to the public until 3:30p.  Dogs are walked and fosters arrive to pick up their dogs.  The center is cleaned and made ready for the following weekend.

We’re sure you’ll enjoy volunteering with K-9 Angels Rescue!
Please e-mail our Volunteer Coordinator with any questions, feedback, or suggestions.
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