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Understanding your responsibilities as the guardian of an adopted companion animal and your lifetime commitment to that animal.
There are tons of things that one needs to consider before committing to adopting a pet.
The key is to acknowledge that by adopting a pet, youíre taking on another life, and that life is your responsibility.  Youíre in control of where they go, what they do, what they eat, when they eat, etc.  Youíre also in control of their quality of life.  If you believe youíre unable to give another being a good quality of life, then you should not be taking on that responsibility.
Too many pets are bought and given to people who are not prepared for the responsibility of ownership. 
Be a loving, caring guardian, and get a pet when youíre ready for it.

Determining the type of dog that best fits your lifestyle so that you are able, and prepared, to afford the time and expense to provide the environment in which it can thrive to its potential.
One of the most important aspects of adopting a pet is identifying how youíre going to mesh with the animal.
If your lifestyle keeps you away from home for the majority of the day then thatís a limiting factor with regard to what kind of pet you should get.  If you get a dog, that dog will need to be let outside about midway through the day, fed morning and night, and maybe a half-mile walk in the afternoon.  This would be around the minimum for maintenance with regard to a dog.  They also have needs with regard to general attention, play, and socialization.  All of these take significant amounts of time.  If you donít have the time, or canít give up the time, then a dog is not right for you.  If you decide to explore other lower maintenance pet options, there are many to choose from.
Some of these might be an exotic pet, or a more common pet, like a house cat.

Suggested Readings:  https://www.selectadogbreed.com/


Reviewing our dogs and cats currently available for adoption helps you determine the degree to which your lifestyle will meet/exceed the needs of the animal.
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